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10 Essential Blues Turnarounds, Guitar Lesson by Mike Herberts

Published on 14 February 2016 this is the link to tabs that accompany this video. One of the most fun parts of a 12-bar blues to play is often the turnaround. It’s the part of the music that literally ‘turns the music around’ ready to a start the 12-bar sequence again, and there are many variations of how it can be done. Guitarists can never have too many turnarounds at their fingertips, and we’ve covered ten here, in different keys, that you can use in any 12-bar blues in the same key. You’ll need to be a fairly experienced fingerstyle player to tackle these, but at the same time don’t be put off. They’re not ridiculously hard. So grab your trusty acoustic and get ready to polish up those blues chops! If you like this video check out the other videos on my channel.

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