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Basic Guitar Chord Embellishments - Guitar Lesson - Rock Pop Country Folk

Published on 22 January 2018
Please help support my lessons on Patreon. Click here to check out my Premium Guitar Courses!!!!! Click the link above to download the FREE TAB PDF for this lessons. :) Please like me on Facebook to be instantly notified of any new lesson updates by clicking here: ‪‬ If you enjoy these lessons or any of the 100's of others at ‪ ‬, please support the site by becoming a Premium Subscriber or by making a small donation. Your support is what will enable me to continue all of these free guitar lesson updates and help me make the best resource of it's kind on the internet. :) Premium subscribers also get some nice perks on the site as well. Thanks!! Carl.. Lesson Taught by: Carl Brown In this free video guitar lesson we will take a look at some common guitar chord embellishments. You have probably heard this type of technique a thousand times in various rock, pop, country and folk songs. It produces a sound that is far more complex than it actually is to play. I have had some requests for me to teach what is going on during one of those chord embellishment sequences so here it is. :) Be sure to grab the TAB PDF that goes with this video guitar lesson since it shows you all of the notes you can use to embellish each chord.

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