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Blues Roots to Rock - A 10 Week Live Course on JamPlay


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Published on 28 January 2016
JamPlay is proud to announce our next live, online course: Beginning Blues. This course is all about getting the fundamentals down and then learning how to use notes wisely like the Blues greats. This course should be good for all skill levels, particularly beginner and intermediate, so long as you have an interest in the Blues. And don't forget: the course is live! You can ask questions from Chris and your students, and get immediate feedback on your problems. And being live, student participation will influence how the course goes, so if students need help with a particular portion of the lesson it can be directed that way. So come learn the fundamentals of the Blues, discover how to voice and use notes wisely, learn how to emulate the Blues greats, and most importantly have a heap of fun.

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