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Comping on Rhythm Changes - Barry Greene Video Lesson

Barry Greene

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Published on 11 December 2017
Preview of my Video Lesson on “Comping on Rhythm Changes” In this 45 minute lesson, I go through the entire form of rhythm changes and discuss ways of creating interesting voicings and drastically improve your comping. I've included a 5 page PDF and a midi file that you can use to practice the one chorus etude I have provided. A really fantastic lesson for those of you getting bored with your comping ideas! Visit for more information about some of the best jazz guitar lessons on the internet! Get a free video lesson on technique with PDF in notation and tab! Barry Greene has been a leading instructor of jazz guitar for more than 20 years. Currently a professor of jazz studies at the University of North Florida, Barry has an extensive background in performance and instruction. He has played all over the United States and Europe and has garnered praise from some of the most influential guitar players in the world. Take the opportunity to study with one of the finest educators of jazz guitar.

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