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Fingerpicking Blues Lesson: How to Develop Finger Independence

Blues Guitar Institute

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Published on 11 February 2016
Fingerpicking Blues Lesson: How to Develop Finger Independence =============================================== This lesson is a sample from Back Porch Blues a Premium Members-Only course offered by Blues Guitar Institute. To find out how to access the full course as well as a brand new Blues course every single month visit this link: In this lesson, we will work through a few exercises designed to help separate the thumb from the rest of your fingers on your picking hand. We'll do this by keeping a steady bass pumping out on the 6th string with your thumb. This remains constant throughout each exercise. What changes is the part that helps to develop independence among your fingers. We'll begin to separate the chords from the bass. Be sure to grab a metronome and the TAB for this lesson which you can find here: and make these exercises a part of your practice routine. I can't emphasize just how much of an impact little exercises like these had on my playing in the early days of me learning how to play fingerpicking acoustic blues. Once again here's the link to this particular lesson: But if you want to learn how to get HD quality, organized courses on learning acoustic blues each month, click here:

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