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Guitar Lesson : Advanced Rock Improvisation Concept

Published on 27 November 2017
Here I give you some idea's how to create a concept for an advanced rock improvisation by using modes, arpeggio's and the main scale. The best is to mix all and to adapt all your playing techniques into your improvisation. I was using : Palm muted runs, arpeggio's, sweep picking, legato playing ( 3 note per string ) and others. If you are a beginner or new to rock improvisation it is strongly recommended that you first go through the basics : you can download the jamtrack here : The chord progression in the track is : Am / Am / Am¦G / Am¦G Am / Am / Am¦G / Am¦G / F / G / Am / Am F / G / Am / Am The modes are : Am : aeolian G : mixolydian F : lydian To get deeper into my channel subscribe to my channel or check out my playlists : Beginners Guide : Rock : Blues : Jazz : Funk : Acoustic : Touch Technique : Artist Studies : Theory : Guitar Techniques : Classic : Backing Tracks : HPCrazy Academy : HPCrazy Music : Blog : Talk to my Guitar ( Guitar Comedy ) :

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