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II V I - Pat Metheny #3 【Jazz Guitar Lesson】 Tabs

NewJazz LicksTV

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Published on 27 January 2016
Jazz Guitar Lesson. How To Play II V I with Tabs. Blues Scale Minor Pentatonic Major Pentatonic Scales Altered Scale. Solo on "Tears Inside" in Album "Rejoicing" 01:33 Album : Rejoicing Label : ECM Pat Metheny -- Guitar Charlie Haden -- Bass Billy Higgins -- Drums ------------- PICK UP!! ◆25 II V I - Best Jazz Guitarists of the 25 people ↓PLAYLIST↓ ◆Ⅱ-Ⅴ-Ⅰ ◆Kurt Rosenwinkel↓ ◆Jonathan Kreisberg↓ ◆Gilad Hekselman↓ ◆Mike Moreno↓ ◆Jesse Van Ruller↓ ◆Peter Bernstein↓ ◆Lage Lund↓

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