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Jazz Fusion Guitar Licks - II V I Lick in C

Published on 01 August 2017
In this video I'm sharing with you a II-V-I Fusion Lick. It's in the key of C major, so the chords are Dm7-G7-Cmaj7. This lick combines legato and hybrid picking, so make sure that you break it down and practice slowly. Have Fun! TAB : /videos.html"> /videos.html Full Lessons available at : SOCIAL MEDIA : Facebook Page: Facebook Profile : Twitter : Instagram : Google+ : Website : Gear I use: * Dunlop jazz III: * Canon t5i: * Line 6 UX2: * BIAS FX Desktop: * Studio One: * Premiere pro: * PreSonus Eris: DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS!

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