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Jazz Textures - #2 Chord Types - Jazz Guitar Lessons


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Published on 23 January 2016
FULL COURSE, TAB, JAM TRACKS: Jazz guitar lessons: More so than other styles, jazz guitarists find themselves performing in a wide variety of musical configurations; solo, duo, trio, quartet, big band and everything in between. Sometimes the jazz guitarist gets to play with another chordal player, such as a pianist, but more often than not the jazz guitarist is the only chordal instrument and is expected to support the vocalist or soloist accordingly. But what happens when it's time for the guitar solo? The entire dynamic changes without chords to play off of! Sure, a good player will keep their lines clear, make all the changes and swing hard BUT there's still something missing. On the other hand, a great player knows how to accompany themselves during an improvisation in a band setting and during a solo performance. For those of you eager to graduate from just good to great, Christopher Woitach's Jazz Textures guitar lessons will take you there in a hurry.

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