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Milonga classical guitar

Published on 25 January 2016
This recording is dedicated to Mr. and Mrs. Stern. who are committed to the growth of education and music. Performed by Stevielyn Munoz, Stevielyn is a student from the James Hunley guitar studio in Hollywood California.(323-464-3766) who now studies with Satik Andriassin and Celin Romero at the best Guitar school in CA, CSULA ( really its the most supportive and cohesive of any School i have seen.) She is also a Randy Rhodes Scholarship winner." I am very proud of my young students, out of the 4, (I teach mainly older students), 2. Have college scholarships, 1. is starring in a fox prime-time TV series that debuts in the fall and the other is living in Granada lol!! Congrats to them all" if you need help with the guitar my e mail is [email protected] performed on a Candelas "Torres "Classical guitar

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