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Music Theory Square One - Week 1


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Published on 23 January 2016
Playing the guitar and understanding the guitar are not one in the same! Building muscle memory and practicing rote memorization can take you a long way on the instrument, but to make your music come alive, to truly develop your own unique music personality, you must understand the instrument. That's what this course is all about, taking the most useful bits of music theory, teaching them in an easy to understand, sequential manner and then applying this information directly to the guitar. Having this knowledge will improve every facet of your playing from learning songs, to improvising, to writing your own material. Your friends, family and fellow musicians won't believe the change that can be wrought in a mere 8 weeks. In this first session, we will talk about the difference between Major and Minor. This lesson will focus mostly on ear training and will help students differentiate Major chords from minor chords. We will also learn how to differentiate Major scales from Minor scales in a super simple way. Take the entire course and access the tabs, backing tracks and PDFS only at

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