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*NEW* Classic Metal Workout - Guitar Lesson - How to play in style of Iron Maiden, Dio, Rainbow...

Published on 18 January 2018
Mika Tyyskä's Egyptian Metal Powerworkout: Epic Classic Metal Guitar Workout and Lesson. In style of Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, King Diamond and Europe. Menu / Short cuts: I GUITAR PLAYTHROUGH 00:12 II LESSON INTRODUCTION 02:07 III ROUND 1 02:31 ( Iron Maiden-ish Gallopping riff / Phrygian dominant fill-ins / Octave notes) IV ROUND 2 05:46 (Black Sabbath-ish riff / Diminished fill-ins / Melodic picking pattern) V ROUND 3 09:13 (Open string pedal tone / Melodic picking pattern) VI ROUND 4 12:25 (Simply melody and how to use Slides and Bends / Double bends VII ROUND 5 16:03 (Iron Maiden tapping / Phrygian dominant tremolo / Arpeggiating John Norum style / Funny arpeggio with taps) VII BACKING TRACK FULL SPEED 21:11 IX BACKING TRACK SLOW 23:07 X CREDITS 25:53 DOWNLOAD TABS and MP3 for FREE: MORE GOOD STUFF The Hills 1986 -Jam Track Central, Jam with Mika Tyyskä Super Sweeping Lesson Great Blue Waves -video (featuring Kai Hahto from Nightwish) Blissrush -playthrough: --- The tune was originally composed for the Air Guitar Warrior -game (Xbox one) by Air Guitar Company. The graphics and sound effects are from the game. Music composed by Mika Tyyskä. Thank you to Air Guitar Company for letting me use these here. See the offical trailer here: Gallopping riffs, Phrygian Dominant and Aeolian scales, alternate picking patterns, open fire with pedal tones, smooth tapping and fast arpeggios. Remember no pain, no game. This is a serious workout but don't hurt yourself. SLOW IT DOWN The slowed down backingtrack was created with iPad app Anytune Pro , I recomment downloading this or looking other apps or softwarers for your computer. Download the backing track mp3 from and adjust the tempo to suit your current skills! CREDITS Music composed and performed by Mika Tyyskä The incredible game graphics from the game were created by Toadlike. Some sounds created by the game sound designer Salla Hämäläinen were also used. Thank you! The guitar used here is by Ruokangas Guitars (Aeon -model). Hughes & Kettner Deluxe 40 Tubemeister amp. BluGuitar BluBox cabinet simulator was also used.

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