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Santana Style Guitar Lesson Oye Como Va

Robert Renman

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Published on 25 January 2016 A minor arpeggio and chord tones - that works for Carlos Santana and it WILL work for you! This is a great way to approach playing lead guitar - take a break from that scale approach for a little while. Then COMBINE arpeggios, triads, chord tones WITH the scale knowledge you probably already have. This will OPEN up your playing. Hope you enjoy this lesson! This is inspired by the song Oye Como Va. Subscribe to my mailing list on and you will get FREE guitar lessons, every week for OVER a year. Yep - ONE YEAR. How can you go wrong with that? You should also LIKE my Facebook Page: Facebook Page: Get the HD500 patch here - NOTE - I turned off the wah and the fuzz, and turned on the compressor.

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