10 Eddie Van Halen Guitar Licks in the Key of B - EVH Guitar Lesson with Tabs

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Published on 13 February 2017
In this lesson I cover 10 guitar licks in the style of the great Eddie Van Halen. All licks are in the key of B, and utilize the minor, minor pentatonic, blues, and dorian scales. These licks are inspired by some of the best licks from some of the best Van Halen songs. The licks here include ideas from the songs Jump, Panama, I'm the One, You Really Got Me, Eruption, and others. For each lick, I discuss the scales and notes being used, and also talk about the general concepts behind them. With those concepts, you should be able to take the ideas behind these licks and make them your own. The licks use many of Eddie's concepts - including two-hand tapping and open string licks. Practice all of these slowly, and try to take the concepts from them to create your own licks.

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More videos from Guitar Lick Dojo Channel