46 - 4 Note Arpeggio Positions in C Major - Slowly

Published on 25 January 2016
TABS & Detailed Lesson in HD @ http://www.learntoplayitright.com "46 - 4 Note Arpeggio Positions in C Major - Slowly" If you are not interested in learning arpeggios on the guitar then watching this video may be the most boring 7 minutes of your life! - For those of you who are interested though - All of these shapes will work over C Maj of course, but try using them over minor chords like Dm (Dorian) or Am (Aeolian) when you are improvising. Also if you move any of these shapes up or down the fret board, the pattern stays the same, but the key changes accordingly. If you can take just one of these Arps and add it to your regular musical vocabulary, then this video has served its purpose. These videos are "Play Through" practice videos primarily made for my students, and are designed to accompany private lessons. I'm currently in the process of building a library of tabs and detailed video lessons in HD which can be found at www.learntoplayitright.com. Please take a minute and visit the site. I also wanted to say thank you for all of the kind and supportive comments! Because this is an "all ages" channel I decided to disable the comment section, but please send me a PM if you have any questions or just want to say hello. Thanks for watching!