A Beautiful Muse Chord Progression

Joe Walker

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Published on 21 January 2016
Here are all the chords. I changed some of the names since recording: D: xx0232 Dmaj7: xx0222 D7: xx0212 Gmaj7/D: xx0002 Gm/D: x5533x D/A: x00232 E/G#: 4x245x Edim/G: 3x235x D/F#: 2x023x Ddim/F: 1x013x Em7: 0x003x Em7b5: 0x033x D: xx0232 For theory heads, yes, I realize Em7 to Em7b5 above should probably be Em7b5 to A7b9. I heard that in the recording, but my purpose was to understand what Muse did, conquer it, and make it pretty on a guitar.

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More videos from Joe Walker Channel