Bar Chord Blues Shuffle - Blues Rhythm Guitar Lesson

Tomas Michaud

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Published on 21 January 2016
FREE CHEATSHEET: /bar-chord-blues-shuffle"> /bar-chord-blues-shuffle - - - - Today, I wanna show you a cool lick that’s a shuffle groove and a bar chord lick. We called it a blues lick but it can be used in rock and even kind of pop/acoustic rock. If you're still not confident with bar chords you may want to head over to my blog and check out the lesson on mastering bar chords quickly and easily. You'll find a link somewhere near the bottom of this blog post. FREE CHEATSHEET: /bar-chord-blues-shuffle"> /bar-chord-blues-shuffle Get more great FREE lessons and tips at - - - - Join me on Facebook at: for exclusive lessons.

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