Beginning Blues Guitar - Part 1 - 12 Bar Blues Shuffle in E Lesson - Easy Blues You Can Use ;)

Published on 12 February 2016
Blues Guitar Lesson - Beginning Blues Guitar - Part 1 How to play a 12 bar blues in E. The start of a series of guitar lesson looking at playing blues guitar both rhythm and lead. 12 blues diagram below | E shuffle | E shuffle | E shuffle | E Shuffle | | A shuffle | A shuffle | E shuffle | E shuffle | | B7 chord| A7 Chord | E Shuffle | B7 Chord | If you enjoy this blues guitar lesson please hit the thumbs up and to keep up to date with all my latest videos hit the subscribe button. Click the following link to go to PART 2 Please don't forget to hit the "LIKE" button & to SUBSCRIBE as it helps my guitar channel. If you have enjoyed or found my video helpful then please check out one of my links below - Check out the music I make with my band DANNY & THE VALVE RATTLERS Download my music from bandcamp here - Stream my music from Soundcloud here - Check out My Blues & Rock ā€˜nā€™ Roll inspired guitar blog available on ā€“ Facebook Tumblr - Twitter -

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