Blues Rock Guitar Lessons - Kings: Duane Allman - Andy Aledort - Statesboro Breakdown 1

Published on 17 March 2016
FULL COURSE, TAB, JAM TRACKS: More Free Guitar Lessons: On Twitter - On Facebook - Duane Allman is rightfully acknowledged as one of the greatest and most influential electric slide guitarists ever, and his incredible recording of this Blind Willie McTell classic, from The Allman Brothers band: Live at Fillmore East, is a must-learn for slide enthusiasts. Duane usually played slide in an open E tuning (low to high: E B E G# B E), using a glass Coricidin bottle on the ring finger of his fretting hand. "Statesboro" is played in the key of D so most of the soloing revolves around the 10th position, moving between 10th and eighth, as well as up to 13th position. Pay close attention to the pick-hand: I use my fingers to pick (like Duane) which helps one achieve more clarity in the notes as opposed to using a pick.