Can you use Triads in Blues?

Published on 25 May 2022 is my website! Triads are a very simple and very powerful concept. They are Chord Tones. Mixing them into your pentatonic knowledge can make a world of difference. A Triad is simply the 1st, 3rd and 5th notes from the scale for the chord. In this example, the E major chord has the notes E, G#, and B. If you play the first 5 notes from the E major scale, but remove the 2nd and the 4th note, you have a Triad. The Triad consists of Chord Tones. You can never go wrong with using Chord Tones!! I use them a lot, even when playing blues. Gear: I used a Fender Strat with Zexcoil pickups from The amp: A Marshall JVM410H from with a Barbershop overdrive from The fantastic reverb is from Room & Verbs for EZ Mix 2, from Subscribe to my channel: Check out more videos: I'm a guitar instructor in Canada, and I provide guitar playing lessons and gear advice, as well as gear demos. Share if you like my work! â–¼ Follow me... Twitter: Facebook: Google+: Can you use Triads in Blues? By Robert Renman #zexcoil #marshallamps #fenderguitars #toontrack