Classical guitar, learning the C scale by segovia

Published on 05 February 2016
For joseph, hope this helps, James Hunley, if you need help with the guitar just email me. [email protected] You need a great teacher! The most important teacher you'll have is YOUR FIRST TEACHER Aaron Shearer ( the teacher of Manuel Barrueco) said the reason so many guitarists fail to reach their potential is error filled repetition, aka not knowing exactly how to do each movement! A great teacher can watch how you play, isolate the problem, help you fix it and refocus on the beauty of the music. I'll help you train your hands and make the classical guitar easier and seem effortless. I've been performing and teaching the Classical guitar for 33 years now and I'm still madly in love with this great journey. After the tv shows the solo concerts, the recordings not to mention the research and the music schools I've attended, my greatest joy is seeing my students get better each week and playing the music they once thought was impossible I teach the Classical Guitar, which is also known to some as Spanish Guitar lessons, Classic Guitar lessons etc. with loving encouragement. James Hunley Classical Guitarist. Los Angeles classical guitar school 323-464-3766 my cell is 323-447-8517 my email is [email protected] No worries, My lessons are affordable! I will work with any budget if you are serious about the guitar. visit the James Hunley Guitar studio facebook page

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