Classical Guitar Lesson #3: Rest stroke

Published on 07 March 2016
TEACHERS AND STUDENTS! Now you can get Kent Murdick's new five volume series, "Learning To Read Music On the Classical Guitar" that goes right along with the Youtube technique videos. This is the direction and music you need to do things right! Buy three or more books and "shipping and handling" is FREE! Book 1: "The First 30 Days of Instruction". $5.95 + $1.75 shipping and handling. The student will learn eight notes in the open position on the 3rd, 4th and 2nd stings, and a handful of simple rhythms -- all pieces and exercises are played with P stoke only. Book 2: "The Next 30 Days of Instruction". $5.95 + $1.75 shipping and handling. Rests, ties, the division of the beat and eight new notes -- E, F, G on the 1st string and the open 5th and 6th strings - are covered in this volume. The rest stroke with 'i' and 'm' is introduced . A few solos are included. Book 3: " Bass Notes". $5.95 + $1.75 shipping and handling. Since reading ledger line notes is difficult for beginning students , I devote a whole volume to learning B and C on the 5th string and F and G on the 6th string. Many solos are included. Book 4: "Chords". $5.95 + $1.75 shipping and handling. Reading two and three-note chords and the free stroke are covered in this volume. Many playing styles are covered including ragtime, tango, beguine and the Mexican waltz. An index of first position chords for strumming appears at the end. Book 5: "Arpeggios". $9.95 + $1.75 shipping and handling. Contains pieces based on the most important arpeggio patterns including five tremolo pieces. There is also a complete section on playing ragtime guitar along with first position versions of Leyenda, Recuerdos De La Alhambra, Malaguena and a tremolo version of Romanza. This books brings you right up to the intermediate level. Supplementary Material which includes CD: "Mel Bay's Easiest Classical Guitar Solos Book" $14.95 + $1.75 shipping and handling. Send check or money order with a description of exactly what you want to Kent Murdick 302 Chatham St. Mobile, Alabama 36604 Video desription: I demonstrate the rest stroke on the guitar. To see all ten lessons, do a search for: classical guitar lessons murdick. To hear Kent Murdick play, go to Produced by Kent Murdick University of South Alabama

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