Classical guitar technique daily workout (session 1 of a 3-day cycle)

Published on 08 February 2016 This tutorial video is part 3 of a 3-day cycle of technical guitar workouts designed for young students. It is intended to help facilitate dexterity, agility, and strong practice habits for guitar students. This video is intended to be part of an on going daily guitar practice. Allen Mathews teaches guitar at Reed College in Portland Oregon. He also teaches online WebCam lessons via Skype, and in his teaching studio in Southeast Portland Oregon. Find more videos or information about Skype lessons at Note: I don't really post videos to this channel any more. If you like these, you can find more guitar videos on ClassicalGuitarShed youtube channel: Included in this video are: Take a deep breath Rasqueados Slurs Scissors Finger independence exercises Strumming Finger sweeps I and M alternation crossing strings Please remember to like and comment on this video, and please subscribe to this channel!

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