Country Guitar Lessons-How To Play-8 Bars Country Twang In A-Backing Tracks

Published on 26 January 2016 videos/country-guitar/8-bars-country-twang-in-a/"> videos/country-guitar/8-bars-country-twang-in-a/ Country guitar players tend to use techniques that include flat picking, finger picking and hybrid picking. They also use open strings and licks played in the open position. A lot of string bends and finger slides are also employed. The building blocks that form country guitar’s vocabulary are the major and minor pentatonic scales, the major scale and the Mixolydian mode, major and minor chords (and their corresponding arpeggios), dominant sevenths and ninths, and the judicious use of chromatic passing tones. Are you ready to become a BETTER guitarist? Join and become a member to practice with tons of video lessons at multiple tempos, with full tablature and notation, and backing tracks to practice with.

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