Easy Texas Blues (Part 2)

Secret Guitar Teacher

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Published on 26 January 2016
http://www.secretguitarteacher.com Now lets look at the lead part Here's the TAB for the first phrase This is played like this: First line up hand first three frets One finger per fret rule 6th string open 3 5th string open 1 2 4th string open Then 6th string open Learn well because it repeats Timing 2 & 3 & 4 & 1 Practice with me Rewind and repeat as often as necessary if you got that right rest will be easy. OK next line Notice that same with different end marked red. So this time we play the phrase as before but land on open A This preceeds the A7 chord Practice a few times Now ready for first 8 bars Same phrase except for end note highlighted in red Have a go you play lead I'll play chords Now to last line Here we play the same phrase but land on the B note fret two on A string Followed by the quick change Then it's back to phrase 1 So the whole last line Now ready to play lead right the way through you play/ I play let's go! And again Now you have learnt both chords and lead try putting it all together Here's the backing track. I'll play through with you on the first run through then leave you to it. Have fun with that and once you have got it down come back for the next lesson when I'll show you how to play the next verse of Texas Blues

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