Fingerstyle Guitar Exercises That Really Work - Intermediate Level

Tomas Michaud

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Published on 30 May 2016
FREE CHEAT SHEET: Here's are four Fingerstyle guitar exercises that I practice every day. These may not be suitable for brand-new beginner, but if you had even a little experience with Fingerstyle guitar these exercises will help you to build your strength coordination and accuracy quicker than anything I found. I created a cheat sheet with both tabs and notes to help you learn this as quick as possible. You can download it for free. FREE CHEAT SHEET: For those of you that find this guitar exercise a little above your level I've included a link to some beginner Fingerstyle guitar lessons. Please click “like” if you enjoyed this lesson and leave a comment and let me know what other kinds of guitar lessons you'd like. Get more great FREE lessons and tips at - - - - Join me on Facebook at: for exclusive lessons.

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