Funky Bass Lick for Acoustic Blues | Tuesday Blues #014

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Published on 11 February 2016
Here's a funky little lick that happens on the lower bass strings. There's a couple of cool things happening in this lick: 1. POSITION SHIFTING This lick makes use of a great pathway from the Pentatonic box 1 pattern down into box 5. I love utilizing the notes below the root (in our case A at the 5th fret, 6th string) to get down into box 5. The coolest notes (in my opinion) in box 5 are the two sets of notes on strings 5 and 6. It just sounds so cool to get below the root. Nice and bluesy. 2. LEGATO Legato playing refers to the slurred sort of notes you hear where you play slides, hammer on's and pull off's. The shift mentioned above is made possible with a quick pull off/slide combination. Not only will this get you into another position on the fretboard, but a clean legato technique here will add a cool vibe to this lick. If you'd like to GRAB THE TAB for this lick, check out the free lesson page over on Blues Guitar Institute's site. You can do that here: If you're new to fingerpicking and would love a place to start, join the BGI Community and get quick tips, licks and useful music theory lesson. You can join up here: Good luck with this lesson and be sure to let me know if you have any trouble with this. I'd love to help you pick out some great sounding blues, so just ask! Play On! John PS - If you'd like to get started with twelve bar blues, check out the online course from BGI "How to Get Started Playing the Blues" at

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