GUITAR STYLES: The World of Jazz Guitar - PART 1

Published on 23 February 2016
DONATIONS: /donations.php"> /donations.php MORE LESSONS: Search Andrew for FREE lesson Handouts. This Video: October 25, 2011 | Search Videos by Title/Date. GO TO: /recent_posts/2011/10_october/oct_2011.php#oct25"> /recent_posts/2011/10_october/oct_2011.php#oct25 Andrew Wasson of Creative Guitar Studio answers a viewers question... Q: I wanted to ask you a styles question, (since I mostly just play rock), the question is about Jazz style. This has much to do with my uncle because he keeps saying I should learn to play jazz. Since I am a long-time subscriber to you, & Your explanations are always so clear. I thought that you'd be the best person to describe to me what the heck jazz actually is. Jack -- Toronto, Canada A: I think the reason why your uncle is likely going on at you about studying jazz music is because any study, or even discussion of Jazz will relate quite immediately to the musical process known of as improvisation. Musical improvisation also sometimes called spontaneous composition has not only long been a core element of musical performance, but it's also a core element of Jazz music. Learning jazz, will help you improvise and ultimately play better. Not many people are aware of the fact that musical masters such as; Mozart, Handel, Bach, and Beethoven just to name a few, had extraordinary improvisation ability. They could spontaneously create wild musical passages using; scales, arpeggios and difficult technical challenges not unlike the dazzling display's of modern guitar virtuoso's of today! The complete lesson article for this video will be available on the Creative Guitar Studio website shortly. Follow me on Twitter for lesson posting announcements: ____________________________________ The NEW Zazzle Products page: ____________________________________ Andrew's Official Q & A Guitar Blog Website: (the weekly Podcast is posted here) Andrew's "Video GuitarBlog" YouTube Channel: The Creative Guitar Studio Website: Follow Andrew on Blogspot: Follow on Twitter for new lesson announcements: MySpace: Facebook: _____________________________________