Guthrie Govan - Charvel Prototype Jazz Chords & Melodic Minor Lick - Guitar Lesson

Published on 29 February 2016 - It's no secret that Guthrie Govan is a monster Rock Fusion Guitar Player. But what makes him so unique is his complete understanding of other styles of music and how he incorporates all those styles into his playing. From Rock to Jazz to Country to all things in between ... Guthrie truly can play it all. In this 2 part Jazz Lesson we will teach you how to play some really cool Chord Voicings and a great Jazz Lick based on the Melodic Minor Scale. These ideas are based on some Guitar Improvisation played by Guthrie Govan while showing off his new Charvel Prototype Guitar. To see Guthrie Govan play The licks we Teach in this Lesson go to ... @ 4:55 If you Like the way we teach ... and you like learning from one of the top Guitar Instructors from Musicians Institute ... Pre-Order your copy of our Allen Hinds Lesson Package Pre-Order price will be ending soon ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Watch part 2 of this Lesson here ... guthrie-govan-jazz-chords-licks-free-guitar-lesson/"> guthrie-govan-jazz-chords-licks-free-guitar-lesson/ ... and to see all our Free Guthrie Govan Lessons ... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In this Lesson we BreakDown another Jazzy type idea from the always inspiring Guthrie Govan. We have done about 15 Free Guitar Lessons based on Guthrie Govan ... covering some of the things he played on his Exotic Cakes CD to ideas he's played with the Aristocrats to some random Licks and Solo's he has played ... but we always get a kick out of Transcribing and Teaching his Jazz Licks and Solo's. And in this Lesson we bring you more of that great Jazz Style of Playing that Guthrie so effortlessly plays. This time he riffs on a standard ii- V-I Progression and later plays some Chord Voicings that might not be familiar to some ... all of which outline a vi-ii-V-I Progression. And his Jazz Improvisation wouldn't be complete without throwing in a cool Jazz Line using Chromatic Notes and the Melodic Minor Scale. This is a great introduction to some Chord Voicings you might not be familiar with ... and as always we discuss a little bit of Concept and Theory to help you use these Chords in your everyday playing. We also touch a little on the subject of the Melodic Minor Scale ... but if you are interested in more on this subject ... stayed tuned we are working on a Package dedicated to this unique scale and all it's many uses ... It will fully breakDown the scale, show all the ways it can be used ... and have a bunch of cool Licks. And finally ... to see more of our Free Guthrie Govan Lessons ... just go here ... The Lessons titled "Jazz" or "Jazz Blues" or "Melodic Minor" are the ones similar to this lesson. We hope you get a lot out of this Free Guitar Lesson And stick around, we will continue to bring you more Guitar Lessons based on Guthrie Govan and as always feel free to send us your requests. Guitar Lesson Taught by David Clayton Also ... Check out our website ... ... we have hundreds of Free Lessons over there (many of which are not found here on youTube and are only available in the Free Lesson section of our website). And we want to thank all that have helped us out with Donations ... it's your Donations that are helping us get this website up and running ... and help us to be able to continue to bring you these Free Lessons. If you have not Donated ... and you Appreciate all the time and effort we have put into these Free Lessons on youTube over the last year ... Please help us out with a Donation ... your support is what will keep this machine going ... and allow us to continue to bring you Free stuff. Just head over to and click the Donate Button. Also Subscribing helps us know you guys really like this stuff enough to return and check out more. Thanks for the support !

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