Hendrix Style Licks Between Chords

Robert Renman

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Published on 22 November 2018
► Download free lesson files: https://goo.gl/wgr5ie ► Triad Voicings Course: http://masterguitaracademy.com/triad ► Hendrix Embellishment Course: https://www.masterguitaracademy.com /hendrix-embellishments">https://www.masterguitaracademy.com /hendrix-embellishments Jimi Hendrix was a master at playing chord embellishments, which means licks and riffs are mixed in with chords. The general idea is taking triad voicing, and add a hammer-on, pull-off or slide in some way. This is where you get to be creative! Take a close look at what I’m playing here, and you’ll see that it’s all a form of “ornamentation” of the triad. I’m embellishing the triad, but it can sometimes simply be just 2 notes from the triad. Listen to Bold As Love and Little Wing, to hear more of how masterfully Jimi performed these embellishment ideas. When you are ready to learn with me: Go to https://www.masterguitaracademy.com I teach music theory, blues, rock, funk, country, scales, chord, triads... and much more. My website lessons come with Soundslice, which makes it incredibly easy to learn. Both tab and video are synced together in one view on the screen. ▼ Follow me here... Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/masterguitaracademy Twitter: https://twitter.com/mguitaracademy Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MasterGuitarAcademy Google+: https://plus.google.com/+RobertRenman Subscribe to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/rotren I'm a guitar instructor in Canada, and I provide guitar playing lessons and gear advice, as well as gear demos. For this lesson, I used a ► Suhr Pro C1: http://www.suhr.com ► KO Plexi: http://koamps.com ► True Overdrive1: http://www.lunastonepedals.com Share the love, my friend.

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