How to Cover the Fretboard with a Scale

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Published on 26 January 2016
For more information from the source site of this video please visit: This is a sample video from the Secret Guitar Teacher website (see link above). It is not for beginners. But if you have studied a bit of music theory, have a good grasp of the CAGED system and Sandwich exercises (see our lessons on these subjects first if not) and are looking for a great way to take any scale and quickly work out how to play every note that belongs to that scale anywhere on the fretboard, then you will find this lesson fun and interesting. Here's the abridged transcript: Before making our final assault on the summit of the Pyramid of Guitar Music Theory, I wanted to share with you something that is really the third and last part of a complete fretboard orientation system. The first part of this system, the CAGED system has been around a long time and is taught in many places. Over the years I developed two further steps to the system, the first of which I call the Sandwich Exercise. Whereas the CAGED system will help you quickly locate any note on the guitar, the Sandwich Exercise goes several steps further and enables you to find practically any chord, arpeggio, scale or mode on the guitar fretboard, framed inside any of the seven octave patterns that comprise the CAGED system. This lesson now is really designed to clear up the loose ends. I call it the Infinite Virtual Fretboard... The end result of understanding this system is the ability to find every occurrence of all the notes in a given scale, chord, arpeggio or mode, including those that don't happen to fall between the seven octave patterns of the CAGED system. In effect, this means you can quite literally cover the entire fretboard with the notes from any of these musical elements. As far as the subject of fretboard orientation goes, I think you can then consider the task of learning completed.

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