How to Find Strum Pattern in a Song

Published on 17 January 2023
Strumming patterns can be the life of a song. After all, we're all working with the same 12 chords and notes in Western music! With strums being such an important characteristic of a song, how do you find the strumming pattern so you can play along? It's a simple question that might be more than it appears on the surface. /figure-out-strumming-patterns/"> /figure-out-strumming-patterns/ WATCH NEXT: ○ 5 Best Guitar Strumming Patterns for Beginning Guitar ○ Time Signature Basics ○ The BEST Guitar Strumming Lesson ○ Easy Strum Patterns for Beginners FREE GUITAR LEARNING CHECKLIST: Access your free Personalized Guitar Success Checklist here: = = = BECOME A PATRON: = = = MORE LESSONS & TIPS: REAL GUITAR LESSONS: FACEBOOK: SUBSCRIBE: Ready to go for a real guitar adventure? Grab your 14-day trial: GO FOR IT! My Favorite Guitar Gear and Other Useful Stuff: /favorite-guitar-stuff/ 00:00 How to Find the Strumming Pattern of a Song 01:38 Figure Out the Beat 02:33 Demo 03:29 Demo on Guitar 06:22 Extra Tips