How to Play a Big Bill Broonzy Lick from Mississippi River Blues | Tuesday Blues #012

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Published on 11 February 2016
Big Bill Broonzy is simply one of the finest acoustic bluesmen to ever pick up a six-string. I've been obsessed with his playing since I heard Clapton's version of Hey, Hey and back tracked to the legend behind the legend. This lesson breaks down one of my favorite licks of his and it's straight out of his song: Mississippi River Blues. It's a deceptively tricky lick. It sounds so fluid when he plays it, but it takes a little bit of technique and a lot of finesse to get this lick to sound like Broonzy. Follow along with the lesson by grabbing the TAB here: Also, if you dig this free lesson, come join us at Blues Guitar Institute by signing up to receive the newsletter chock full of tips, lessons and more. You can sign up here: Good luck with this lick and be sure to watch all the way to the end. I'll show you how to modify this lick slightly so that you can move it all around the neck for different sounds. Play On! -John

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