How To Play Blind Blake's Magic Thumb Roll - Blues Guitar Fingerstyle

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Published on 27 November 2017
Blues Guitar Lessons Blind Blake Ragtime Blues Guitar Technique - Ever wondered how to play that famous Blind Blind thumb roll fingerpicking pattern? Blake was the master of the 'dancing bass' and used a variety of techniques to get that appealing ragtime piano sound out of his guitar, which is generally known as "syncopation." Strictly speaking, syncopation describes a way of playing that accents the off-beats in the music. An easier way to describe it is that the listener is pleasantly surprised by changes in the rhythm and melody that aren't expected. Blake could introduce these changes in rhythm with remarkable speed and accuracy. He even sang at the same time. His masterpiece, that many acoustic blues pickers try to copy, is called "West Coast Blues," which was the first track he ever recorded that incorporates his famous 'thumb roll' or 'thumb stumble' technique. It's played in the key of C (although I use a capo in the video) and the chords are a standard progression C, E7, A7, D7 and G7.

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More videos from Blues Guitar Lessons Channel