How To Play Hey Joe By Jimi Hendrix - Guitar Lesson

Published on 21 January 2016
In this video lesson, I teach you how to play "Hey Joe" by Jimi Hendrix. I show you the chords, tabs, licks and riffs for you to get up and running on this killer blues/rock tune quickly. For ALL the details about the $1 membership 14 day trial go to: /1-dollar"> /1-dollar Need more guitar help? Grab the free ebook at and the free guitar lessons mini-series that can only be found at If you have any questions about this video lesson or any of the other lessons that I teach online, feel free to email me at or If you like what you see here, please "thumbs up" and hit subscribe. Please spay and neuter. Fight for the underdog Question the man Practice your guitar ;) Erich