Jazz guitar lesson | Lick in Eb | I-VI-II-V7

Jazz guitar licks

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Published on 25 July 2018
This basic jazz guitar lesson is based on the I-VI-II-V7 jazz progression. You'll find this free tab's lick at the end of the video. http://www.jazz-guitar-licks.com/ The chord progression is : EbMaj7 | Cm7 | Fm - FmMaj7 | Fm7 - Bb7 Get the jam track here http://youtu.be/V8IcUKMaE2I Subscribe https://www.youtube.com/user/jazzguitarlicks You can both subscribe to Backing track channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3Nf709VMJmhvP1mNoxNC3g https://www.facebook.com/jazzguitarlicks http://youtu.be/xQK9YBWjafA Jimmy Raney jazz guitar solo transcription on "Have you met miss Jones" https://youtu.be/Loo-VFO_jgA Wes Montgomery - Solo transcriptions https://youtu.be/Bc4JWlxVDjo https://youtu.be/NKPeT9wKctI Charlie Christian jazz guitar lessons https://youtu.be/DjmYNSj24To https://youtu.be/7LFOi2xV0GE https://youtu.be/b5o_ULpllEo https://youtu.be/U0QR9JMyvHs John Scofield guitar lines https://youtu.be/BBIGmA8oumA

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