Jazz Guitar Lessons with Chuck Loeb - The 6 Positions

Published on 07 January 2016
Chuck Loeb (http://artistworks.com/chuck-loeb) teaches a method of learning how to play a major scale in 6 different hand shapes so you can access the notes you need in any scale anywhere on the neck. This is a summary style lesson that gives an overview of each position as well as emphasizes the benefits of this method for learning jazz guitar and how to improvise. 1. In position one, you start on the first fret of the sixth string, using the key of F. Just in that one position, you can cover the entirety of the notes in the key of F - from the first fret up to the fifth fret. 2. In position two, you need to go all the way up to the 13th fret to the F. If you play the same notes from position one, you will be playing from the 12th fret up until the 15th fret. 3. Position three starts on the same F on the 13th fret, except you start with a pinky on that note. 4. Then you switch over to the first position on the fifth string for position four. This one is different because it has a pivot in it. 5. If you move backwards, you can use the second position on the fifth string for position five. 6. Lastly, with the pinky, you start the same way, but with your pinky. The generic concept here is that no matter where you are on the neck, you can find the notes in the key that you are in. Chuck Loeb illustrates this point by playing all the same notes in the key of F in all six positions. So, there is no where on the neck where can't find notes for the key of F. Chuck is a renowned guitar who has a lot of wisdom to share as a teacher. Check out FREE sample lessons at the link and sign up now!