Jim Bruce Blues Guitar Lessons - Doc Watson Style - Deep River Blues

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Published on 07 May 2020
https://paypal.me/TipJimBruce Help me keep going! Acoustic Blues Guitar Lessons http://bit.ly/JimLessons * https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6D8-yPHqH9M Jim Bruce presents blues guitar lessons across all styles and major artists. Ragtime blues, Delta, Chicago Swing, Bottleneck, Piedmont - from Texas To The Delta http://bit.ly/35qPuYg http://bit.ly/36617oC http://bit.ly/2ufwyPg http://bit.ly/37B7nVV http://bit.ly/2QsQ7wr https://dbswc.page.lin k/3nC7 ************************ https://dbswc.page.lin k/5dts https://dbswc.page.lin k/niWM https://dbswc.page.lin k/cac5 https://dbswc.page.lin k/bCWm https://dbswc.page.lin k/SKgc

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