Matt Schofield Blues Jazz Solo - Guitar Lesson - Part 1 of 5 - How To Play - Free Blues Lesson

Published on 14 March 2016 Finally a Matt Schofield Guitar Lesson. Filled will his Blues feel and amazing Touch and Tone ... mixed with some Jazz Licks for flavor. This solo has it all. We've have more request for a Lesson on Matt Schofield then we can count. And we've been meaning to Breakdown some of his stuff but it just kept getting pushed back. And truth be told we were having a difficult time finding "the perfect" thing to do a Lesson on. So many of the requests we have received have asked for us to breakdown some of his "outside" playing. But from all the Matt Schofield stuff we listened to we didn't find a whole lot of "outside" stuff. So Long story short ... we found a great clip of Matt playing some great Blues phrases at the Two Rock booth at the NAMM show in 2012. And we knew immediately this would be a really cool clip to breakdown. This clip has so much of what defines Matt's Playing. And it all starts with an amazing tone ... but you would expect nothing less from the perfect combo of Two Rock Amps and Matt Schofield fingers. In this clip Matt plays a pretty straight forward 12 Bar Blues. This is an unaccompanied free form Blues with a bit of a Jazz feel to it (especially during certain points where he chooses to really swing the notes). One of the Techniques he uses in almost everything that he plays is ... focusing on Target Tones and using Arpeggios to really define the Chords that he is playing over. This really makes it so you hear the Chord changes ... and this is an extremely important Technique to use when you have no other music or musicians accompanying your playing. In this Guitar Lesson we will breakdown Note for Note everything Matt plays during the first minute or so of this clip. Then as always ... at the end of the Lesson we will Breakdown some of the things that make what he is playing sound so good. We will examine his use of Dynamics ... his use of Target Tones and Arpeggios ... and talk about some of the Licks that might at first sound "outside" but really aren't too outside at all. The video clip that this Lesson comes from is about 4 minutes in total. We decided to do this Lesson on the first minute of this Solo. There is just so much to absorb in this entire Solo ... you can tell by this being a six part lesson ... that it would've been a 25 part lesson if we had done all 4 minutes of this. But if we get a good response from this video (a lot of Views and Thumbs up ... positive comments) we will definitely revisit the rest of this Solo and do another Lesson on some more of his playing from this Clip. Check out the Clip where Matt plays this amazing solo here ... Our Lesson begins from the first note he plays and goes to about 1:10. We hope you enjoy this Lesson and it fills some of the request you have sent us to do a Lesson on Matt Schofield. Guitar Lesson Taught by David Clayton Alright ... Lets get to it. Check out our website ... ... we are starting to get it up and running. We are currently organizing the "Free Lessons" section which consists of all the Lessons here on youTube ... but will also have some lessons that are not on youTube. We are also going to have a section where you can get a lot of the Tab for these youTube Lessons. And we want to thank all that have helped us out with Donations ... it is your Donations that is helping us get this website up and running. If you have not Donated ... and you Appreciate all the time and effort we have put into these Free Lessons on youTube over the last year ... Please help us out with a Donation ... your support is what will keep this machine going ... and allow us to continue to bring you Free stuff. Just head over to and click the Donate Button. Also ... help us out by letting us know you guys are digging this stuff by clicking "like" on this video (if you like it) and/or comment to let us know how we're doing and if you are interested in us continuing to bring you free lessons. Also Subscribing helps us know you guys really like this stuff enough to return and check out more. Thanks for the support !

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