Music Theory Made Easy - Memorize ALL Your Chords in ALL Keys Easily


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Published on 03 March 2016
FREE Finger Exercises Click HERE: In this video, I explain an easy way to memorize all your chords, although this takes a little time. Remember, your major chord formula is as follows I ii iii IV V vi vii(diminished) for every major Key. This is important to learning the chords in each key, knowing that the I IV V chords are always major, ii iii and vi are always minor, and vii(dim) is always diminished. This video assumes you have already memorized this, but you want to find a minor or diminished chord by altering a major triad. So you need to memorize ALL these major chords to understand this video: A B C D E F G C# D# E F# G# A B E F# G A B C D We then learn how to move the middle note (the third) down to make a minor chord, and move both the middle and bottom note (the third AND the fifth) to create a diminished chord. We can also learn how to do harder chords like C# or F#...grab a pencil and paper for this one! Thanks for visiting our page! We hope this video helps you in your learning! Have questions? Want to hang with an awesome group of guitar players? Sign up at the GuitarZoom Community Page: # learn music theory # music theory # memorize music theory

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