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Published on 24 November 2019
JAZZ STANDARDS LIST in different categories: Easy Standards, Blues, Bebop, Latin, Ballads, etc. + Tips + Audio examples. Richie's video (we play a song together): For this video on Most important jazz standards of all times I have teamed up with Richie Zellon. Richie made a video on how to comp over 3/4 meter and we play a song toghether. So check out his video and his channel! When I first came up with the idea of a Must Know Jazz Standards list, I wasn't sure, how to present it. I wanted to tell you the most important jazz songs of all times. But hey, there are so many. I think dividing it into different categories is a good way for you to get an idea, what the important jazz songs styles are and where you may show deficits. The categories for my Famous Jazz Standards list are: Easy Jazz Standards you must know Blues Heads in Dominant, Minor and Major (Jazz Blues this is, of course) Songs based on Rhythm Changes Bebop Songs you need to know Jazz Ballads Latin, Bossa Nova (they belong to jazz too) Odd Meters Fusion Standards (modern Jazz Standards) You should know at least one song per category and 2-3 Easy Jazz Standards, since you'll find them in each jazz session. We've tried to tell you the most important jazz songs of all times, that every guitarist needs to know. Richie and I have at least one Must Know Jazz Standards for each of the categories. We also introduce you to the different styles of jazz and give tips on the keys the suggested jazz songs are played in as well as some improvising tips. I hope that we can help you expand your jazz song repertoire this way and make you ready for all the great gigs and sessions to come. If you liked this video on Famous jazz songs and msut know jazz standards, please give it a like. Don't forget to subscribe and share the knowledge! My Facebook: My Twitter: My Instagram: Hugs, Sandra :-)

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More videos from Guitarversum Sandra Sherman Channel