One-Minute Guitar Lesson: The Classic Country Hammer-On Strum Pattern

Published on 26 January 2016
* great new videos, giveaways and more at ! * People always ask me about Strumming Patterns, so here's an idea you can put to use RIGHT AWAY! It's a classic Country/Folk/Bluegrass/Acoustic Rock sound that is EASY (with a little practice.) The Hammer-On technique requires a firm commitment from the fingertip. If you hammer down on the string too lightly you will deaden the vibration of the string completely and you won't hear that satisfying sound of a good hammer-on. THIS TAKES A LITTLE PRACTICE! Be patient but master it ! I chose A, D, and E chords because they work well together, and many songs can be played with only these three chords. Here's another tip: when plucking a bass string in this exercise, squeeze the pick a little tighter to achieve a nice twang. BUT relax your grip each time you brush lightly on the treble strings to get a gentle strum. Thanks for watching ! Please subscribe and make a donation at my YouTube page: jkehew. Just look for the PayPal icon. Your donation means a LOT !