Pentatonic String Skipping Licks - Guitar Lesson with TAB

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Published on 13 February 2017
In this lesson, I cover some string skipping licks using the B minor pentatonic scale. String skipping licks can be challenging if you haven't played them before, both with the fretting and picking hands. The fretting hand has to jump strings smoothly, and often the fingering is difficult with big stretches. A couple of these licks have big stretches between the 1st, 2nd, and 4th fingers. These will be difficult and will require practice if you haven't done pull-offs and hammers with these fingers before. The picking hand has the challenge of being able to skip strings, while not accidentally hitting strings between the skips. In some instances, there are two downstrokes in a row, on strings that are not next to each other This requires you to hop the string over the middle string. This can be very difficult if you haven't done it before. As always, all licks include tablature. I give detailed walkthroughs of each lick, and focus on the most difficult parts. Try to take some of the ideas from these licks and make your own!

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More videos from Guitar Lick Dojo Channel