Repeating Rock Licks - Slash, Michael Schenker, Zakk Wylde Style

Published on 27 January 2016
Repeating Rock Licks - 5 high energy rock and metal guitar licks in the style of Slash, Michael Schenker, Zakk Wylde and others! .Get my awesome ROCK GUITAR LICK BUNDLE With full TAB and notation for this video lesson and more. GET IT HERE: Remember to SUBSCRIBE for more guitar lesson videos and future episodes of the Ask James Guitar Show: Repeating Rock Licks - Slash, Michael Schenker, Zakk Wylde Style Play repeating high energy rock guitar licks in the style of guitar greats like Slash, Schenker, Zakk Wylde and others. In this guitar lesson I'll show you how to play 5 repeating rock licks and how you can slip them into your guitar solos and kick your guitar soloing up a gear. Sound good? Here's a breakdown of what you learn in this video: 0:15 Hear me solo using some of the repeating rock licks you're going to learn in this lesson. You might recognise some of them from the playing of guitar legends like Slash, Randy Rhoads, Michael Schenker, Zakk Wylde and others! 1:04 All these repeating licks are in the key of D minor and use the D minor pentatonic scale and the D blues scale. Here you'll learn both of these essential guitar scale shapes. If you need more help learning these then check out my Essential Scales Playlist here: 1:45 Repeating Rock Lick 1 Pretty much all the rock guitar legends play this repeating lick but Slash plays licks like this one a lot. It'll sound great slipped into your rock solos! It uses a bend on the B string then a triplet hammer and pull off sequence on the high E and B string. Watch for the picking tips here - they can make it easier to speed the lick up as fast as you want. 3:53 Repeating Rock Lick 2 This lick is a favourite of Michael Schenker - but everyone plays it. It's made up of a short 3 note sequence which we repeat 5 times. I like to alternate pick this repeating lick. Watch for the left hand muting tips to get the lick clean and fast! 6:15 Repeating Rock Lick 3 This lick is heard in the playing of Zakk Wylde and others! The lick uses the blues scale for a dark and edgy sound. It's made up of 2 short 4 note fragments which we repeat 4 times each. Watch the picking for this and also experiment with the more left hand orientated approach I show you too. This takes a little practice but can help you hit the warp speed factor with this lick! 9:50 Repeating Rock Lick 4 This repeating rock lick uses the D blues scale and is played in sextuplet rhythm. I use my first 3 fingers to play this one - in fact it's a great left hand legato practice exercise to help you develop finger independence in your fretting hand. Follow the palm muting guidelines here to get clean and sharp execution of this repeating rock lick. 12:48 Repeating Rock Lick 5 Another Zakk Wylde style lick! This lick uses the D blues scale but we're reaching up and grabbing a few higher note as well. Practice adding these notes into some of your favourite minor pentatonic licks - you'll be surprised at how many cool ideas you can discover! 15:18 What should you do with these repeating rock licks to get the most out of them and absorb them into your playing? I believe the most important thing is to practice not just playing them - but to practice USING them! Put on a backing track or drum loop and practice looping them around, getting them in time and sounding crisp and clear. Then practice improvising and slotting them into your playing with other stuff you'd normally play. Experiment to see how to make them work best and also try to create some repeating rock licks of your own based on these. 15:54 Check out my 'Play Guitar Faster -How To Speed Up Your Guitar Playing' to learn a proven method you can use to get these licks as fast as you want them! Watch here: Don't forget your Rock Guitar Lick Bundle complete with guitar TAB, scale shapes, performance notes from this lesson and other similar rock lick YouTube lessons: CLICK HERE for your copy: Remember to SUBSCRIBE for more guitar lesson videos and future episodes of the Ask James Guitar Show: Follow me on Instagram for more GREAT TIPS and theGuitar Lick Challenges: Or on Twitter: Remember you can Ask Me A QUESTION on the Ask James Guitar Show! Email [email protected]

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