Solo Guitar Lessons - Jazz Solos #2 - Solology

Published on 07 March 2016
FULL COURSE, TAB, JAM TRACKS: More guitar lessons: Top session player, Brad Carlton presents Solology, the companion course to Rhythmology, which in many ways, picks up where Rhythmology left off. You will play your way through the identical blues, rock, pop, jazz, funk, twang and fusion tracks, only this time, the focus is on developing your melodic ideas and fretboard navigation skills for compositional and improvisational soloing in any style. Revealing a few "studio shortcuts" and enlightening your perspective of the fretboard, Brad Carlton's Solology expands the knowledge base and palette of colors that you'll paint with when soloing over any changes. Carlton's quick-start, contextual approach gets you there fast. You'll learn how to analyze any vamp, progression or tune, identify parent and street keys and then "play the changes" with melodic Solos, question and answer phrasing, tone targeting and other key soloing and harmonic identification concepts, all of which equip you to perform tasty, memorable solos on the fly.