Stout Blues Overview - 48 Bars Long Blues Solo Course

Robert Renman

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Published on 22 November 2018
► Stout Blues: /stout"> /stout In the style of Matt Schofield, Robben Ford, BB King & others - here’s my modern, intermediate blues solo called Stout Blues. I put in a lot of work into this one, and I think you’re going love it. Tons of killer licks in here, and everything is explained with amazing camera work, and of course TAB and notation is available as well. This type of soloing has certain elements from jazz music, as well as rock and funk. The notes are not always on the downbeat; 16th note syncopation and pickup notes are used frequently. I also included a longer explanation of how to analyze and learn from these licks. This is where I talk about how I view the lick from a theory perspective. I talk about scales, triads, 3rds, or similar theory concept. This will be helpful to those who want to understand what’s going on from theoretical point of view. When you are ready to learn with me: Go to I teach music theory, blues, rock, funk, country, scales, chord, triads... and much more. My website lessons come with Soundslice, which makes it incredibly easy to learn. Both tab and video are synced together in one view on the screen. ▼ Follow me here... Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Google+: Subscribe to my channel: I'm a guitar instructor in Canada, and I provide guitar playing lessons and gear advice, as well as gear demos. For this lesson, I used a ► Suhr Pro C1: ► Reverend Hellhound: ► 12th St. Special Overdrive:

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