Stretching The Blues - Lesson #4 - the Major 2nd

Published on 25 January 2016
Learn more at This is the 4th lesson in series of 5 lessons I submitted to Truefire for their "Next Top Guitar Instructor" contest. In this lesson, I'm adding the Major Second to the Minor Pentatonic. With that note, we now have 9 notes to work, counting the other notes from lessons 1,2 and 3. We could play some cool chromatic moves now, such as going from B to E, chromatically. However, in this lesson, you will see a different idea. I take that Major 2nd note (B) and use it to create an E Minor Triad. That triad, together with D Major Triad and A Major Triad sounds great. As always, you can add the b7 and b3 to that A major triad to further "bluesify" it! I am using a Line 6 POD HD500 + KOi overdrive pedal for the tone, and a Fender Road Worn Player Strat, with Porter Pickups - Visit if you want to learn more from me. The backing track and lesson files can be downloaded from Thanks for your support!