Super Fast Blues Lick in E | Tuesday Blues 62

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Published on 11 February 2016
Learn a Super Fast Blues Lick in E lesson62"> lesson62 Using multiple fingers to pluck the strings independently allows finger pickers to play crazy fast licks that are nearly impossible with a single flat pick. The super fast blues lick in E covered in this lesson is one of my go to licks when I wanna go fast. This lick in particular is really handy because it not only sounds cool when played at light speed, but I work it into my practice routine often because it is technically challenging. Especially for my picking hand. As you'll see in the video, I often practice this lick with my full "nearly classical" finger picking approach. I will switch up my picking technique to work on my speed as well. My biggest tip for nailing this lick is to start slow like we do in the video and gradually work up to a fast speed. This can be a great workout with a metronome. Check out this video and head to and pick up the TAB for this lesson to learn each note of this one: lesson62"> lesson62 Have fun and keep picking! Here's the link for the TAB again for you: lesson62"> lesson62 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Subscribe to this Channel Make Sure You Get Every One of the Tuesday Blues Lessons ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Blues Guitar Institute: Facebook: ================================================ Join Blues Guitar Institute to Get Each Lesson TAB tips62 ================================================

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