Texas style blues (Verse 5)

Secret Guitar Teacher

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Published on 26 January 2016
For more information from the source site of this video please visit: http://secretguitarteacher.com/youtube/beginner/acoustic/Y1LGGX5yEw0/83038945-texas-blues-vs5.php This is a sample video from the Secret Guitar Teacher site (see link above). It is suitable for beginners and intermediate players who would like to learn to integrate lead and rhythm guitar. Here is the abridged transcript: Verse 5 -- more bending technique First look at tab for first phrase We see 'b' for 'bend' on the note 8th fret B string. This is followed by fret 7 on the top E. The phrase resolves to the E note fret 9 on G string. The second line is exactly the same lead lick resolving on the same E note. But followed by the A7 chord. This shows that licks don't always resolve on root notes There's an E note in the A7 chord. The last line has one simple change to the lead. The phrase lands on the B note on the D string at fret 9. You can hear that this change fits the B chord. The B chord doesn't contain the note E. Now you have learnt first five verses try putting it all together yourself. Here's the backing track. I'll play through with you on the first run through then leave you to it. Have fun with that and once you have got it down come back for the final verse six .

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