The #1 Blues and Rock Guitar Lick

Published on 22 January 2018
In this guitar lesson you will learn the #1 blues and rock lick that every guitar player needs to know. This tutorial is for all levels of guitar players out there! I hope you enjoy this guitar lesson and found it helpful. If so, share the love by hitting that 'like' button, leaving me your comment below and by sharing this lesson with your guitar buddies and friends. Thanks for watching! For more help with guitar and free resources check out: For some extra help with developing stellar left and right hand techniques go watch your free mini video series only at: GRAB MY FIRST 30 GUITAR LESSONS FOR FREE HERE: /FreeUGS If you are interested in joining the Unstoppable Guitar System, that's my mega guitar course(400+ videos, PDFs, jam tracks, live lessons each month, 1 hour of new video lessons added each month and more), then go here and get started for only $1: /1-dollar Be sure to hit me up on all my other social media profiles to be able to "hang out" with me throughout my day. Links below: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Periscope: Snapchat: search "yourguitarsage" Thanks again for stopping by and watching this video lesson today! I hope you enjoyed it and found some good value from it. See you in another video soon! Keep up the practice. e :) Your Guitar Sage Muting Videos: 12 Bar Blues Lesson: Blog post here: /the-1-blues-and-rock-guitar-lick/